The House

The house is more than 300 years old but most parts have been renovated. There are five bedrooms that can accomodate ten guests. The bedrooms are located on the second floor but there is also an optional bedroom on the first floor. There are two bathrooms – one on each floor.

There are multiple shared spaces such as living room, dining room, balcony, rooftop patio, tower and sauna.  The kitchen is spacious and well equipped with two sinks, microwave, hot air oven, induction cooktop, toaster and dishwasher. The total space of the house is close to 300 square meters (~300 sq. yards).

Bedroom distribution (standard):

2nd floor:

Room 1: 3 single
Room 2: 2 single
Room 3: 1 single
Room 4: 1 single
Room 5: 3 single or 1 single + 1 double

1st floor:

Room 1 (upon request): 2-10 single/bunk beds.