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Welcome to our unique villa with its flourishing garden, located in Visby’s most photographed alley. This place is a calm and green oasis right next to DBW’s Botanical Garden, less than 100 meters (300 ft) from the ocean shore.

This is one of the largest properties in Visby innerstad. It is very well suited for families, groups of friends or companies who wish to spend time together and experience Visby from within.

The villa on Fiskargränd 5 is spacious and well-equipped and the location is excellent: calm and quiet, yet close to Visby’s restaurants, shopping and cultural hot spots. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

The house is more than 300 years old but has been renovated for improved comfort. There are seven bedrooms – five of which are located on the second floor. There is one bathroom on each floor and an extra toilet in the garden. Each guest will receive one set of satin bed linens and towels in various sizes. The house has many shared spaces such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, lounge, balcony, tower and sauna. The total space of the house is close to 300 square meters and it can accomodate 16-20 guests.

Bedroom distribution (standard):

1st floor:

Room 1: One splittable king size bed (180 cm/71 in) and one single bunk bed.
Room 2: One king size bed (160 cm/63 in) and one single bunk bed.

2nd floor:

Room 3: One splittable king size bed (180 cm/71 in) and one single bed.
Room 4: One single bed.
Room 5: One single bed.
Room 6: One small double bed (120 cm/47 in) and one single bed
Room 7: Three single beds, two of which are mergeable.

The garden is both green and spacious. You will be surrounded by trees both old and tall; Walnut, Mulberry, Acacia and Ilex to name a few. At the center – surrounded by roses and peach trees – is the limestone patio with charcoal grills, parasol, table and seating. Next to the patio is the outdoor kitchen.

There are multiple sets of outdoor furniture and sunbeds. Enjoy fresh lettuce from the garden on your breakfast sandwich. In the corner of the garden is the parking space which can accommodate two or three cars. There are occasionally extra toilets in the garden.

The garden sauna offers a relaxing steamy experience with its large olivine stone magazine. When the temperature gets too high, try the refreshing cold water mist on the benches outside or walk down to the ocean shore for a bath. The garden sauna can also be used as a cozy external bedroom suite for two. Enjoy showering outside in the fresh air with serene green surroundings.

Enjoy the view of the flourishing garden, the city rooftops and the seemingly endless ocean surrounding Gotland. Enjoy a glass of wine while you watch the ocean engulf the sun at the horizon.

Serve your family and friends a delicious dinner in the elegant dining room. There is room for about twelve people around the table. Relax with a refreshing drink in the lounge.

The kitchen is spacious and well equipped with two sinks, microwave, hot air oven, induction cooktop, toaster, dishwasher, stereo sound system, tablet and a TV with ChromeCast. There is also a Smart Speaker to keep you company and control the TV/sound.

Turn up the heat and sit back with a cold beer.

Plenty of space, powerful surround sound and a 65″ 4K TV with ChromeCast Ultra. There is also a tablet and a Google Assistant device to control the TV without effort.

Dining in the garden gets more convenient with the outdoor kitchen. Equipped with a gas hob, sink, dishwasher and fridge; it can keep the beer cold, the food hot and the plates shiny.

High speed internet is available via WiFi throughout the property. Use the smart speakers, tablets or your own device to control the media tech. We have dedicated NetFlix and Spotify accounts. There is also a basic selection of TV-channels available on the living room TV. We also have a portable bluetooth speaker.

We have some decent gym equipment allowing you to stay fit. We also recommend running along the boardwalk/coastline.

Our garden can also accommodate large or small events like weddings and seminars. We can arrange equipment like tents, tables, chairs, blankets and patio heaters according to your needs.

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