Fiskargränd 5

Unique house with a beautiful garden in Visby

Vacation | Weekend | Wedding | Event

Welcome to our unique house with its flourishing garden, located in Visby’s most photographed alley. Our holiday home is a calm and green oasis right next to DBW’s botanical garden, with the ocean shore around the corner.

Fiskargränd 5 is an excellent choice for families and larger groups of friends who wish to spend time together and experience Gotland.

The Garden

The green and spacious garden is encircled by stone walls and plank fencing. The open space in the center is surrounded by trees both old and tall; Walnut, Mulberry, Acacia, and Ilex. Between the roses and peaches is a limestone patio with a couple of charcoal grills, paella burner, parasol, table and chairs and an outdoor kitchen. In the corner of the garden is a parking lot which can accommodate up to three cars. The garden is also equipped with a toilet, shower and sauna.

The House

The house is more than 300 years old but has been renovated for improved comfort. There are seven bedrooms – five of which are located on the second floor. The house has many social spaces such as the Living Room, Dining Room, Lounge, Balcony, Tower, Kitchen and Sauna. There is high speed internet, multiple speaker systems and smart TV's. The total area of the house is around 300 m2 (~350 yd2).

The Tower & Balcony

Enjoy the view of the flourishing garden, the city rooftops and the seemingly endless ocean surrounding Gotland. Have drink and watch the ocean engulf the sun at the horizon.

The Dining Room & Lounge

Dine with your family, friends or collegues in the elegant dining room. The table can extended to accommodate twelve guests. Relax in the lounge and play some music.

The Garden Sauna

Turn up the heat and relax with a cold drink. The large olivine stone magazine guarantees a steamy experience. Enjoy the contrast of hot and cold in the water mist on the benches outside.

"The Rose Alley"

Stay with your family and friends in the beautiful setting of the most photographed alley in Visby.