The Place

Welcome to our unique villa with its flourishing garden, located in Visby’s most photographed alley. The place is a calm and green oasis right next to DBW’s Botanical Garden, less than 100 meters (300 ft) from the ocean shore.

The property is one of the largest in Visby innerstad. It is very well suited for families or groups of friends who wish to spend time together and experience Gotland.

The villa on Fiskargränd 5 is spacious and well-equipped and the location is excellent: calm and quiet, yet close to Visby’s restaurants, shopping and cultural hot spots.

The House

The house is more than 300 years old but has been renovated for improved comfort. There are seven bedrooms – five of which are located on the second floor. The house has many social spaces such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, lounge, balcony, tower and sauna. The total space of the house is close to 300 square meters and it can accommodate 16+ guests. Each guest will receive one set of satin bed linens and towels in various sizes

The Garden

The green and spacious garden is encircled by stone walls and plank fencing. The open space in the center is surrounded by trees both old and tall; Walnut, Mulberry, Acacia, and Ilex to new a few. Between the roses and peaches is a limestone patio with two charcoal grills, paella burner, parasol, table and chairs and an outdoor kitchen.

There are multiple sets of outdoor furniture and sunbeds. Enjoy fresh lettuce from the garden on your breakfast sandwich.

You will also find other facilities such as the outdoor shower and garden sauna. In the corner of the garden is the parking space which can accommodate up to three cars. There are occasionally extra toilets in the garden.

The Garden Sauna and Shower

The garden sauna offers a relaxing steamy experience with its large olivine stone magazine. When the temperature gets too high, try the refreshing cold water mist on the benches outside or walk down to the ocean shore for a bath. The garden sauna can also be used as a cozy “external bedroom suite”. Enjoy showering outside in the fresh air with serene green surroundings.

Balcony & Glazed Tower

Enjoy the view of the flourishing garden, the city rooftops and the seemingly endless ocean surrounding Gotland. Enjoy a glass of wine while watching the ocean engulf the sun at the horizon.

Dining Room & Lounge

Dine with your family, friends or collegues in the elegant dining room. The table can extended to accommodate twelve guests. Relax in the Lounge and play some music.


The kitchen is spacious and well equipped with two sinks, microwave, hot air oven, induction cooktop, toaster, dishwasher, stereo sound system, tablet and a TV with Google Cast. There is also a Smart Speaker to keep you company and control the TV/sound. Here you can cook and bake without limitations.

Indoor Sauna

Turn up the heat and sit back with a cold beer. This sauna is smaller, suitable for 4-5 persons.

Living Room

Plenty of space and comfortable sofas. Powerful surround sound and a 65″ smart TV. Adjacent to the balcony and tower.

Outdoor Kitchen

Dining in the garden is convenient with the outdoor kitchen which is equipped with a gas hob, sink, dishwasher and fridges.

Tech & Media

High speed internet is available via WiFi throughout the property. Use the smart speakers, tablets or your own devices to control the content. We have dedicated NetFlix and Spotify accounts. There is also a basic selection of TV-channels available on the Living Room TV. We also have a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Gym & Exercise

There is a multi-gym as well as various other equipment on the property. We recommend running and walking along the boardwalk by the ocean or the “Trail of Health” beneath Galgberget (“Gallows Mountain”).

Events & Extra

Our garden can also accommodate large or small events like weddings and seminars. We can arrange equipment like tents, tables, chairs, blankets and patio heaters according to your needs. Let us know what you need.

Rooms & Amenities

2nd floor

Splittable double bed  (180 cm)
Single bed (105 cm)

2nd floor

Single bed (90 cm)

Optional double bed

2nd floor

Single bed (90 cm)

2nd floor

Single bed (120 cm)
Single bed (90 cm)
Guest bed (80 cm)

Adjacent to Bedroom #5

2nd floor

Three single beds (90 cm), two of which can be merged into a double bed.

Adjacent to Bedroom #4

1st floor

Double bed (160 cm)
Single bed (90 cm), accessible by a ladder on the side

1st floor

Splittable double bed (180 cm)
Single bed (90 cm), accessible by a ladder on the side

1st floor

Shower room with a sauna

Adjacent toilet with a separate entrance.

2nd floor

Bathtub with a shower

The garden

Shower in the refreshing outside air inside the tree foliage!

1st floor

Sauna for 4-5 persons

Adjacent to Bathroom #1

1st floor

Well-equipped kitchen with a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, sinks, coffee maker, water kettle, induction hob, hot air oven, microwave, smart TV, stereo speakers, etc.

1st floor

The table can be extended to accommodate 12 persons.

1st floor

Seating area
Sound system

Space for extra guest beds

2nd floor

Powerful surround sound, 65″ smart TV, seating and the option to place a guest bed.

Top floor

Beautiful view of the ocean, city rooftops and the garden.

The garden

Relaxing sauna bathing for 10-12 persons. Seating area outside with the option to turn on the water mist.

Option to place guest mattresses.

The garden

Spacious outdoor kitchen with a gas hob, fridges, sink and more.

The garden

Multi-gym, kettlebells, rubber bands, barbell, etc.

2nd floor

Nice view of the garden

Two halls for clothes, washroom with washing machine, dryer, iron, etc.

Common Questions

Unique qualities
The location, space and unique character. You get exclusive access to one of the largest properties inside the town wall.
Lodging capacity
Our standard lodging capacity is 16 but we can arrange a couple of extra beds if needed. The Garden Sauna can be used as an “external bedroom suite”.
How many double rooms for couples?
Five of the rooms can be used as double rooms (# 1, 2, 5, 6, 7). Room #4 also has a small double bed.
There is a parking space for 2-3 cars on the premises (depending on size). Access the parking space from S:t Olofs gränd next to the botanical garden – there is a black wooden gate.
Check-in & keys
We will meet you on-site and give you a short intro tour as well as provide you with RFID keys.
Internet & tech
The property has high speed internet (250 mbit) which is distributed via multi-AP WiFi. There is a TV with Google Cast in both the Living Room and Kitchen, three fixed speaker systems and one portable Bluetooth speaker. The multimedia content can be controlled by your own smart devices or the ones on-site.
During your stay
We’re usually in the area and ready to assist in solving any problem that may occur, as well as answering any questions that you may have. The primary means of communication would be by text, email chat or phone.
House rules
Click here to view our house rules.
We will arrange post-stay cleaning services and washing of bed linens.
Fitness & exercise
There is some strength training equipment on the property. We recommend running and walking along the boardwalk by the ocean or the “Trail of Health” beneath Galgberget (“Gallows Mountain”).
Getting around
In Visby everything is nearby. We recommend walking or biking when going on trips in the city area.
Gotland has been a vacation safe haven during the pandemic. We have special policies and cleaning protocols in place.
Our rates varies depending on the duration and dates of your stay. Please contact us and describe your plans.
What about pets?
We usually decline pets but there are possible exceptions.
Rooms for rent?
No, we provide the house as one unit.
Would it be possible to rent the garden separately?
Yes – on certain dates. Please contact us and describe your plans.

More Questions?